Book Nosakhare Alex Ihama

Welcome to Greatness


A Wakeup Call for Your Journey En Route to Fulfillment

Published in 2011, Welcome to Greatness is an account of Alex Ihama's personal journey from a life of absolute self to that of absolute best, from a life of regrettable disservice to humanity to that of passionate service for mankind. It exposes you to the abounding strength, overwhelming intelligence and striking beauty that you likely never knew existed within you while compelling you to face yourself and whomever or whatever you need to face to live your life to the fullest.

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The Mystique of Leadership

How to Become an Exceptional Leader

Published in 2015, The Mystique of Leadership challenges people who are either in or aspiring for positions of authority to connect their minds with their hearts, and their profession with their purpose. While debunking myths and misconceptions about leadership, the book educates readers on rare and critical leadership concepts like strategic alliance, diversity, organizational behaviour and change, paradigm & and cultural shifts, peer development and social responsibility.

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