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Nosakhare Alex Ihama is a prominent Nigerian global strategist, author, professional speaker, executive coach, and the President/CEO of the International School of Greatness. He is also the Executive Director of the Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity. His expertise lies in improving workplaces for all by providing a wide range of services to major organizations, academic institutions, government bodies, associations, and communities.

In 1999, Alex Ihama began his professional journey by addressing mental health challenges faced by men. Before this, he had a successful career in various banking institutions, including the Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank, where he made significant contributions to their success.

Alex Ihama is recognized for his work in the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) field. He helps organizations combat racism and discrimination, fostering diverse, inclusive, equitable corporate cultures through comprehensive and transformative training programs.

Alex Ihama is also an accomplished author, having written "Welcome to Greatness: A Wakeup Call for Your Journey En Route to Fulfillment" and "The Mystique of Leadership: How to Become an Exceptional Leader."

"Welcome to Greatness" is a book filled with wisdom, real-life experiences, and success strategies, encouraging deep reflection, passionate action, and personal growth.

"The Mystique of Leadership" serves as a handbook for leadership, offering practical insights and frameworks for aspiring leaders in various domains, using real-life stories and case studies. It challenges mindsets, inspires action, and fosters personal and professional growth.

Both of these books are valuable resources for those seeking to understand leadership and enhance their leadership capabilities, making them essential for individuals in leadership positions in corporations, governments, churches, and those aspiring to leadership roles. They also serve as curriculum materials for leadership training and culture development in organizations, communities, and associations.

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